Coolum Holidays – 5 Tips for your next holiday

5 Tips on how can you make you next holiday on the Sunshine Coast more worthwhile? Hopefully, these ideas will be helpful for you next trip to The Lakes Coolum on the Sunshine Coast.

  1.  Plan your next trip well in advance

Anticipating your upcoming trip brings heaps of happiness. Just getting excited about leaving your work and problems behind good or bad increases endorphins, even if it’s just for a few days
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Coolum Beach Holidays

Coolum Beach Holidays


  • 2. Take a holiday for 10 days minimum at least once per year
Coolum Resort

Coolum Resort

Take a holiday that’s at least 10 days in length because it’s the only way you can truly relax, studies have found that a person who has a minimum of 8 days is more likely to recharge their emotional bank.
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  • 3. Make sure you relax

Studies have shown to really enjoy your holiday you need to really relax not just a little bit but a whole lot. To get that invigorating lasting boost you need to meet all the needs of the family.
The Lakes Coolum offers this opportunity
Why – The Lakes Coolum has the peace of your own home with the excitement of a resort right next door.
The mums can relax, play tennis, beach and have engaged kids.
The dads can relax and play golf, test out the gym, and have engaged kids
The kids can have safe bike rides, lots of activities, access to the beach and pools

Some researchers found that engaging in pleasure-inducing physical activities increased health and well-being, but passive activities decreased health and well-being.

Coolum Beach Accommodation

Coolum Beach – The Perfect Holiday Destination

  • 4. Be adaptable in your expectations

Being flexible whatever happens can increase your sense of satisfaction while on holiday. Not everything is going to go to plan, inclement weather or a bad hair day.
Recently we went on a family holiday to the snow to find that the snow covering was minimal, way below expectations. Most people left and we decided to have some family time on the mountain, walking reading etc. The next day a freak storm came in and dumped snow for us, and there was no one on the mountain. We had one of best ski days – with free runs ….we hadn’t gone home disappointed.


Coolum Accommodation

Accommodation in Coolum

  • 5. Take pleasure and sleep

Make sure you enjoy your kids and partner, take time to reflect and talk and savour the moment.
Sleep for 8 hours and don’t overdo it on the drink.


Coolum Beach

Family holidays at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast

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